Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mastering Turbo Assembler

Mastering Turbo Assembler"Mastering Turbo Assembler" is a great book! It teaches you to write stand-alone assembly programs in DOS AND Windows. The book is full of examples which are explained in detail. All the code is written in TASM's IDEAL mode, which is better than MASM mode. Tom Swan really stimulates you to write your own programs and that is the key to become a good programmer. So read the book and with the information it profides you must try to make your own programs in order to check if you really understand it.

But I must make clear that this book ONLY teaches you to WRITE programs in assembly. If you need basic information about the architecture of the 8086/8088 family (how memory and processor works etc.) this is not a good book to begin with. If you want to learn assembly from scratch (as I did) I recommend the book Jeff Duntemann wrote; "Assembly Language: Step by step". With this book and "Mastering Turbo Assembler" you have all the information you need to start programming in assembly.

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