Friday, July 11, 2008

Mastering Integrated HTML and CSS (Mastering)

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Mastering Integrated HTML and CSS maintains the "integrated" approach used in Virginia DeBolt's earlier book and throughout her web teaching. Mastery-level HTML and CSS is treated as a single topic, taught together because the fastest workflows and most effective web sites develop these pieces together.

The Mastering series from Sybex provides outstanding instruction for readers with intermediate and advanced skills, in the form of top-notch training and development for those already working in their field and clear, serious education for those aspiring to become pros. Every Mastering book includes:

* Real-World Scenarios, ranging from case studies to interviews, that show how the tool, technique, or knowledge presented is applied in actual practice.
* Skill-based instruction, with chapters organized around real tasks rather than abstract concepts or subjects.
* Self-review test questions, so you can be certain you’re equipped to do the job right.

Mastering Integrated HTML and CSS fulfills the promise of this series to supply professionals and students with the latest information and complete, practical skills for their workday tasks. You'll learn all this and much more:

* Writing XHTML and CSS using correct syntax
* Working with fixed and fluid two- and three-column layouts
* Styling links as CSS popups
* Creating and applying styles to make an accessible form
* Mastering hierarchy, alignment, focal point, and other design concepts
* Publishing and testing your pages
* Working bloat-free with CSS in Dreamweaver
* Weaning yourself from table-based layouts and out-of-date coding

The companion CD-ROM provides a StyleMe Challenge Page, which readers can use as a "lab" to test out their CSS stylesheets, plus all the files and resources needed to practice along with the book's tutorials. It also contains a selection of third-party software, especially text-editing tools with handy features such as color coding and indenting that make writing HTML easier. Instructor’s supplemental resources are available to accompany this book as a classroom text, including a sample syllabus, presentation slides, and an additional Q&A test bank.

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