Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sams Teach Yourself Borland C++ Builder in 21 Days

C++ Builder
Book Description
The drag-and-drop power of Borland C++ Builder is yours to command with Teach Yourself Borland C++ Builder in 21 Days. In no time, you'll be able to rapidly build programs from reusable components. Using the methods taught in this book, you can increase your productivity and leverage your knowledge of C++ and Delpi to develop mainstream application. The proven, step-by-step techniques of the Teach Yourself series show you how to accomplish specific tasks with this powerful new programming interface. You'll also learn more advanced techniques and features of this new development tool, allowing you to easily make the switch from C++ to Borland C++ Builder application development.So stop programming C++ the old-fashioned way, and start tapping into the visual programming power of Borland C++ Builder!

* Workshops, Q&A's, Do's and Don'ts reinforce the information found in each chapter
* Provides coverage of Ebony development tools, the Ebony IDE, debugging, structured programming, program flow control, DLLs, branching, data manipulation, and pointers
* CD-ROM includes a 60-day trial version of Borland C++Builder, a collection of Visual Component Library extras, and all of the examples in the book

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