Sunday, July 27, 2008

Practical Algorithms in C++

Book Description
A practical guide to implementing algorithms in C++.

Have you been looking for a C++ book that not only talks about some of the most popular algorithms of today, but also implements them? Then look no further. This book presents algorithms from a practical point of view, clearly explaining how the algorithms work, as well as fully implementing them in C++. Written to the intermediate C++ programmer, this book covers a wide range of subjects, from sorting and searching algorithms, to graph traversal algorithms, hashing algorithms, priority queues, finite state machines, and "algorithmic generators," a unique, object-oriented way of implementing algorithms.

Includes theory and practice, with emphasis on practice.

* Builds from the basics to the most advanced techniques.
* Backs each algorithm with full source code provided on disk-no misleading code fragments.
* Includes high quality code, written specifically for C++, and not simply ported from some other language.
* All code fully tested in Borland and Microsoft versions of C++.

The publisher, John Wiley & Sons
A practical, step-by-step exposition of the special features of C++ algorithms and how they fit in overall program design. All algorithms in the text and on the accompanying disk have been created from scratch in C++. Methods described in each example are backed up with complete source code and each chapter progresses from fundamental concepts to sophisticated methods. Includes algorithms which can be immediately incorporated into larger programs.

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