Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Assembly Language for Intel-Based Computers - Textbook Only

"Assembly Language for Intel-Based Computers" is a great book to learn the basics of 80x86 assembly language. I bought the fourth edition to learn 32-bit architecture of the Intel CPU while back.

This book is actually a college text book and was designed for that purpose. But, I successfully used it as a self teaching guide and went through every chapter and assignment including the reading on the CD-Rom. Since there were no answers to in the book test my self, I contacted the author Kip Irvine in Florida to see if he had the answers available. He was very friendly and sent me a copy of the asnwers via e-mail.

Also, the book came with MASM 6.15 and a lot of working tools to write and to test programs. The book is full of challenging program assignments. So, you can get good experience and confidence and really know you're learning the material.

This edition had a rather skimpy material on the CD about the FPU (Floating Point Unit). But, I've seen the later edition of this book and it has far more information on floating point assembly language. If you want to really learn assembly language for Intel 80x86 processors, you can't go wrong with this book or later editions.

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