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Visual Basic 2005 Instant Results (Programmer to Programmer)

Visual Basic 2005 Instant Results (Programmer to Programmer)

Product Description

* Visual Basic, one of the most popular programming languages today with more than 6 million developers, has released the 2005 version, which continues to expand on the functionality and flexibility of its framework-.NET 3.0
* Covering Visual Basic .NET 2005 programming in a Windows environment as well as accessing SQL Server Express 2005 and Web Services, this book allows intermediate-level programmers to get up to speed quickly with complete sample projects that can be modified and used in the real world
* In addition to the ready-to-use projects for their own applications with little or no modifications, programmers will also learn some of the more advanced features of Windows programming
* Some of the featured projects include desktop weather, password keeper, application registry manager, event log and trace writing, event log service, multi-threaded note pad, note pad printing, and custom controls textbox

From the Back Cover
Packed with unique, ready-to-use projects, this reference book will help you quickly get up to speed with Visual Basic 2005. Each project is presented in a step-by-step format, which enables you to set up, enhance, and reuse them in different real world situations. The accompanying CD-ROM also includes all of the source code from these projects, making it even easier for you to modify the applications to fit your own needs.

Visual Basic 2005 Instant Results not only provides you with ready-to-use classes, but it also shows you how to apply some of the more advanced features of Windows® programming. In addition, you'll discover how to access Web Services from a Visual Basic Windows program as well as access SQL Server Express 2005. This approach will give you the skills to achieve the programming results you want.

CD-ROM includes source code for all 10 projects

What you will learn from this book

* Desktop Weather

Password Keeper

Application Registry Manager

Event Log and trace Writing

Event Log Service

Multi-Threaded NotePad

Notepad Printing

Data Binding

Database Image Manager

Custom Controls

Who this book is for

This book is ideal for any programmer with Visual Basic .NET experience who wants to learn about the new features of Visual Basic 2005 or wants to enhance their programming skills. This book is ideal for developers who have previous experience developing complete desktop Windows applications but any developer with a desire to learn will find the material in this book useful.

Enhance Your Knowledge

Advance Your Career

Instant Results guides are packed with unique, ready-to-use projects that are perfect for the busy programmer. They require minimal set-up, and can be modified, enhanced, and reused in real-world situations.

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