Sunday, July 27, 2008

Parallel and Distributed Programming Using C++

From the Back Cover

Parallel and Distributed Programming Using C++ provides an up-close look at how to build software that can take advantage of multiprocessor computers. Simple approaches for programming parallel virtual machines are presented, and the basics of cluster application development are explained. Through an easy-to-understand overview of multithreaded programming, this book also shows you how to write software components that work together over a network to solve problems and do work.

Parallel and Distributed Programming Using C++ provides an architectural approach to parallel programming for computer programmers, software developers, designers, researchers, and software architects. It will also be useful for computer science students.

* Demonstrates how agents and blackboards can be used to make parallel programming easier
* Shows object-oriented approaches to multitasking and multithreading
* Demonstrates how the UML is used to document designs that require parallel or distributed programming
* Contains the new POSIX/UNIX IEEE Standard for the Pthreads library

About the Author

CAMERON HUGHES is a senior software engineer for CTEST Laboratories and a staff programmer/analyst at Youngstown State University. He has been involved in software development efforts of all sizes and is currently working in cluster programming of the Proteus V that involves NLP and knowledge representation modeling at CTEST and the Colony at Youngstown.

TRACEY HUGHES is a software engineer at CTEST, where she does graphics programming and simulation in C++ and develops image processing class libraries and virtual worlds.

Together they are the co-authors of numerous books including Linux Rapid Application Development and Object-Oriented Multithreading Using C++.

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