Thursday, July 24, 2008

Visual C++ .NET Developer's Guide

ebook C++
Engineer Your Way to Excellence
Maximize the capabilities of Visual C++ .NET using the advanced development strategies presented in this professional resource. Inside, you'll find full details on using threads and graphics, working within the .NET Framework, handling database integration, ensuring security, creating administrative tools, and much more. Build and deploy robust Visual C++ .NET applications that take full advantage of the innovative features of this powerful development tool.
*Build managed and unmanaged (native EXE) desktop applications
*Maximize machine resources using threads
*Utilize the Active Directory Service Interface (ADSI)
*Take full advantage of ADO.NET for database management
*Work with Internet Server Application Programming Interface (ISAPI)
*Reduce development time using attributed programming
*Write distributed applications using Simple Object Access Model (SOAP)
*Understand how Web Services can help you develop applications faster
*Use the Windows Security and Cryptography APIs
*Develop customized Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-ins

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