Thursday, July 3, 2008

Computing Patterns in Strings (ACM Press Books)

Computing Patterns in StringsComputing Patterns in Strings by B. Smyth is a very useful book. String algorithms is a separate discipline in Europe (France, UK, Italy etc.) and in many other places in the world. However, in North America, this is not the case and the research and the results are scattered among many disciplines and many books. Thus most significant books on the topics concerning string algorithms are not of North American provenance. Smyth's book provide the reader with a comprehensive up-to-date overview of the discipline, rather than covering a few topics. The author exhibits a witty and readable style and, except for a few errors one always has to expect in a book covering so many algorithms and a well-founded reader can easily spot and disregard, the book is an excellent introduction to the discipline. I can highly recommend it to anyone seriously considering extending his/her knowledge of computer science. I certainly enjoyed it.

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