Thursday, September 4, 2008

Object-Oriented Programming (From Problem Solving to JAVA) (Programming Series) (Paperback)

Product Description
Object-Oriented Programming: From Problem Solving to Java provides a thorough, easy-to-follow reference to master object-oriented programming principles. Throughout the text, problem solving and programming techniques are presented in modeling diagrams, pseudo-code, and flowcharts. Users then learn how to put theory into practice using actual Java code. Unlike "cookbook" guides where users blindly follow the instructions this book encourages users to explore their problem solving creativity, and then test their ideas in a real-world environment. By first learning the concepts involved in object-oriented programming, and then learning how to put them into use, readers not only learn Java, but they also learn how to become more efficient programmers.

Book Info
Text teaches the fundamental principles of object-oriented programming using Java. Includes a CD-ROM with all the source code for the projects in the book. For beginners. Softcover. DLC: Object-oriented programming (Computer science).

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